Private Treatments

Vital dental service does not provide private treatment.

You will be provided with all treatment that is clinically needed to protect and maintain the health of your mouth, teeth and gums.

However, there are restrictions to NHS dental treatment. Treatment is defined by the clinician into courses of treatment depending on your needs. Bridges and dentures are not allowed to be guaranteed at all. Fillings have a 12 month guarantee like-for-like. If you want to have treatments such as white fillings, crowns on your front or back teeth, tooth whitening and implants, you may decide to have this treatment done privately.

At Vital dental service we pride ourselves on providing patients with affordable dental treatment. We inform every patient of their clinical need. We are realistic in our expectations of what can be achieved using the materials and the NHS labs available to us. We assume you want NHS treatment unless you state otherwise. We would therefore ask you to tell us immediately if you want private treatment.


Urgent, Out-of-hours and Emergency Treatment

Vital dental service does not provide out-of-hours treatment. However, if clinically necessary you should always be able to get urgent NHS dental care, or be treated out of normal surgery hours. Your local primary care trust (PCT) is in charge of arranging NHS dental services in your area. These services include urgent treatment, out-of-hours care and emergencies. If you are having problems finding an NHS dentist, your PCT is there to help. Contact your PCT (office hours only), or go to (and follow the search details under How to find an NHS Dentist) or call the PCT out of hours dental service is accessed by dialling 01872 354375.

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