What treatment can you get on the NHS?

You’re entitled to any treatment provided under the NHS that your dentist feels is clinically necessary in order to keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy. The dentist will give you a treatment planafter your check-up if you ask for it, which will show you what you need and the cost. There are three standard charges for a course of NHS dental treatment, depending on the treatment needed. These are displayed in your dentist's waiting room. And are Band 1 £18.50, Band 2 £50.50, and Band 3 £219.00

Some things, such as prescriptions, are free if on their own. However often a patient needs to see a dentist for an oral assessment before a prescription can be given (Band 1 treatment)


Can I mix NHS and Private treatment?

There are a complicated set of rules that govern the mixing of NHS and Private treatment. In essence you can not upgrade NHS treatment to private treatment. For example, an exempt patient can not pay the difference between an NHS filling (they don’t pay for) and the cost of a private filling. However, a patient can pay for a private root canal treatment and have the crown restoration on the NHS. Or a patient could have NHS white fillings at the front of the mouth and have porcelain partial crowns privately at the back. Or, a patient may wish for a NHS denture at the top and a private denture at the bottom. Lastly, a patient could have NHS periodontal treatment and then move to private treatment.

In effect, as long as the NHS treatment claimed is different to the private treatment then a patient can mix treatment. Here at Vital dental Service we do not provide private treatment. This is because we do not hold the materials, tools or Laboratory contracts needed to provide excellent private treatment. However, we can and do refer to dental dimensions or other specialist practices if patients want this service.


How often should I expect to see the dentist for a routine check-up?

Visiting the dentist is important. The interval between check-ups will depend on how healthy your mouth, teeth and gums are at different times of your life. This will alter with changes in your general health or lifestyle, and your risk of future problems. If you have problems with your mouth or teeth between planned check-ups, ask your dentist for an earlier appointment.

We try to cater to the individual, their mouth, their life style and their needs. It is therefore best to ask your dentist or reception staff if you are not quite sure when next to visit the surgery.


Who can get free NHS dental treatment?

You can get free dental treatment (including check-ups) if you:

  • Are under 18
  • Are under 19 and in full-time education
  • Are pregnant
  • Have given birth in the last twelve months
  • Are getting Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, income-related Employment and Support Allowance or the guarantee credit part of Pension Credit
  • Also, some people on a low income, including some people getting tax credits, can get free NHS dental treatment or treatment at a reduced cost.


Do I Need to Pay in advance of treatment?

Payment is on booking of appointments. Thus, if you book an examination you will pay band 1 treatment. If further treatment is required then you pay the difference between Band 1 and the actual course of treatment required. This is £32.00 for Band 2 and £200.50 for band 3. Again you pay on booking of the appointment for treatment.


Can you change your dentist?

You can go to a different dentist at any time. You should let your dentist know and cancel any appointments. If you want to change dentists during a course of treatment, you may have to pay the first dentist for the treatment to date. It is always sensible to find a second dentist in advance who is prepared to complete a course of treatment already started by another dentist.


Can your dentist charge you for not keeping or cancelling an appointment?

A dentist is not entitled to charge you for cancelling an appointment. However, if you fail to turn up or cancel lots of appointments, they may decide not to treat you.

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